Peaceful Settlement

From the Henley Standard dated 7th November 2003


            A petition with approaching 1,000  signatures from around the world will be winging its way shortly to our town hall.


            It will be protesting in the strongest terms at the possibility that our good council may go against the wishes of Olivia and Dhani Harrison as to the positioning of the memorial to the late George.


            But I have good news for them and anyone else troubled by this possibility.

Town Mayor Barry Edwards has I understand, met Mrs Harrison and, over a cup of coffee in his parlour, come to an agreement.


            It is basically that both sides will go away and consider all possibilities and thn meet again to come to an agreement on the site – with the strict promise that it will be an agreement and the memorial will not be sited anywhere near Friar Park.


            That way everyone will be happy – including the vast army of George’s fans around the world.


            One person who will be particularly relieved when a final agreement is reached is former town councillor Lorraine Hillier.


            When the original motion to the memorial plaque by the river at Red Lion Gardens was passed she offered to pay for the plaque herself  - providing Olivia and Dhani agreed.


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