This concept began when we celebrated George's birthday last year in 2003.  It was a wild and silly day but lots of fun but when I look back now I wonder what we were on..LOL  The Bear has emerged once more because we recently took him out again during George's birthday week.  He has his own site (see below) and pics are added frequently when "he" meets someone new...LOL  Total silliness I know but what the heck!  Life is short.

  For the full story click the link below from Liverpool Beatlescene.

Our tour and celebration of George's birthday began.  As we arrived at the Art College the bus stopped and Jackie began telling the Art College Story.  Just before the bus pulled away I jumped off to take George Bear's photo on the Case History sculpture (seen here: and from that moment on it just got silly...I mean really silly...LOL  The rest of the day was spent taking pics of George Bear at all the George sites and with as many references to George as possible....!

The link above is my account of George day but please also visit George Bear's own site Here Bear and Everywhere and if you feel silly enough, sign his Guestbook...:-)


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