There are places I'll remember..........................

For those who've never been to Liverpool I thought I'd put these pix up for you to
take a look at some of the views you can see on the Liverpool waterfront.

This is part of the Albert Dock complex that houses the Beatle Story, The Tate Gallery and lots of nice bars and restaurants, as well as some nice shops.
The Albert Dock is just showing on the right hand side of this picture.  Once of the famous Mersey Ferries is in distance taking on passengers.

These photographs were taken on a very sunny day as evidenced by the strong sunlight.  The tide was out on this particular day.
This is a view taken from the walkway alongside the river and is taken out to sea.

This is a view also from the walkway.  It's taken late afternoon and you're looking at the other side of the river known as Wirral.  This is where Paul's brother Mike lives.
This picture is taken looking the other way, out toward the Irish sea.  The dock buildings are on the left of the picture.  As you can see the tide was very low on this day.
This is the back of the Albert Dock buildings looking out to sea.  It's a lovely walk along the river and this is taken looking out towards the Irish sea.

It was just beyond these buildings and to the left where Paul played his "Let It Be Liverpool" concert.  What a night that was!

All photographs are copyrighted to Jean Catharell and may not be used without prior
permission - email me first please

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