Today Thursday 27 March 2003 Yoko Ono came to Liverpool  for the official opening of Mendips. The house opens to the public on Saturday.

Many will know that Yoko bought the house just a year ago when the last owner, Mr. Burkey died.  She said she bought it because she wanted fans to see where John grew up.  That's a good enough reason for me!

I got a sneak preview today and I have to say I was overwhelmed walking in to the Hallway.  I got shivers down my spine.  It's amazing to know John lived there and I was walking around his house.  

The house is very cosy and it's easy to see why John would have had a very happy childhood there.  

There are some really nice items in the house and two pieces of furniture that did belong to Mimi  These were passed on to family members who subsequently have loaned them back to the house.

To stand in John's bedroom was awesome.  Lovely pic of Bridget Bardot on the wall over the bed, together with some Elvis pics from magazines of that period.  Books on a dresser too, Alice in Wonderland is one of them.  

The National Trust have restored the house to the way it looked when John lived there, as they did with Forthlin Road.  

If you're coming to Liverpool you just have to include a visit - you will not be disappointed.

The house is open from 29 March to 26 October 2003 from Wednesday to Sunday.  Visitors must arrive my minibus from either Speke Hall or The Albert Dock in Liverpool. Tickets are £10.00 and that includes a visit to Forthlin Road too.  Worth every penny for a trip back in time to the childhood of Lennon & McCartney, or as Paul would say "McCartney & Lennon" - oops! sorry Macca, couldn't resist that.

Tickets available from:
Albert Dock - 0151 708 8574
Speke Hall - 0151 427 7231
front bedroom
"Now everyone who loves John's music and his message of peace can see for themselves where it all began."
...Yoko Ono, March 2003