Sir Paul remembers Lennon fondly


Sir Paul McCartney said he will remember his old friend and Beatles bandmate John Lennon with all the love in his heart on the 20th anniversary of his death tomorrow.

And he said the murdered star would be "tickled" to know the group had a number one album all these years after his death.

Sir Paul spent more than 12 years making music which changed the face of pop with Lennon. He would be in the recording studio on the day of the anniversary.

The pair became close after meeting up in 1957 when Sir Paul went to see Lennon's skiffle group The Quarry Men at a Merseyside village fete and was invited to join the band.

Their friendship and creative partnership endured for years in The Beatles, but eventually became strained by the intensive recording sessions, diverging directions and relationships outside the band.

Acrimony and bitterness between them was made clear in Lennon's 1971 track How Do You Sleep? It was a pointed attack on his old colleague although he later claimed the vitriol was aimed at himself.

However, over the years Sir Paul has spoken fondly of their time together - even though they failed to agree in retrospect on who wrote what.

Their greatest hits album 1 is set to break the million sales barrier in the UK, just a month after its release.

Sir Paul said today: "It is shocking to think that John was killed 20 years ago. If he was alive, I'd be chuffed to let him know that his album has gone to number one in 28 countries. I know he'd be tickled by that.

"On Friday I'll be doing what we always enjoyed best together - making music. What else would you want to do? I'll be thinking of all the great times that we had together, and I'll be remembering him with all the love in my heart."

All you really need is love...................

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