Previously Unseen Photos of The Beatles
These photos taken of The Beatles on the British TV programmes “Top Of The Pops” and “The Terry Hall Show” (with Lenny The Lion) are believed to be only the second time that they appeared on national TV in the UK.  In fact they are probably the only known visual record of their appearances on these shows.  These are from a set of 8 B&W photographs taken by a Liverpool fan from the TV screen.  

The single Lennon photograph is taken from his solo appearance on Juke Box Jury on 22 June 1963.  This is from a set containing other photos of The Beatles on “Thank Your Lucky Stars” on 23 June 1963.

These photographs are items that will be available at the Beatle Auction during Beatle Week in Liverpool this coming August.  You can order an Auction Catalogue by sending a cheque for £3.50, $10 or 10 Euros cash (in a secure envelope), all prices include postage.  Apply to:  The Beatle Shop, Mathew Street, Liverpool.  
(Available at The Beatles Auction, LIPA, Mount Street during Beatle Week in Liverpool in August 2003).  Thanks to Stephen for his continued support of this site.