Back in the US DVD

McCartney Unveils Secret “Back In The U.S.” DVD Website
With Never-Before-Seen Footage And Performances

On December 16th, Paul McCartney’s “Back In The U.S. Concert Film” DVD will become one of the country’s hottest tickets when a 30-minute secret performance is unveiled through a web-link embedded on what is now the fastest selling stand-alone music DVD in history.  This link will give fans access to never-before-seen performances taken from Macca’s triumphant, sold-out, record-setting tour.  The secret website will also contain streaming video files of rare unseen moments with Macca, his band and backstage crew, and a downloadable screen saver featuring exclusive photos with background music.  The secret gig will be available for 1 week only online.

“Back In The U.S.” DVD features a 2-hour “rock ‘n road movie,” which includes footage of more than 30 classic songs filmed at shows across America.   Additional content takes fans inside McCartney’s just completed tour, giving access to areas previously kept private from the public such as the dressing rooms, the back seat of his personal limo and even aboard his chartered jet.  The DVD is presented in 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound.

“The album, DVD and this secret website are a constant memory of the tour with a built-in ticket to the future,” said McCartney.  “We couldn’t get everything into the DVD feature and the television special, so the idea to be able to give both PC and Apple users a “secret” concert and more of the backstage footage is just fantastic to me.”   

Owners of "Back in the U.S." DVD: log 254355816-13122002>in today to the secret website by clicking on the "Secret Website" link on the main menu of your DVD (requires a computer with DVD-ROM player).

If you don't own the "Back in the U.S." DVD yet, then you can buy/order it in the online shop now by clicking here or get it from any DVD retailer.


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