Olivia has won her battle for a permanent memorial to the former Beatle not to be located too close to the couple's Oxfordshire mansion.  Olivia has agreed to help design and pay for an alternative memorial further away.  After months of deliberation, Councillors have agreed that an existing park in Henley-on-Thames will be re-designed and re-named the George Harrison Garden, rather than building one opposite Harrison's home, Friar Park. 

The decision, it seems, was largely down to Olivia's objections - she didn't want her home to become a place of  pilgrimage for Beatles fans.  "We received a letter from Olivia Harrison expressing concern about having a garden opposite Friar Park" says town Councillor Jonathan Barter.  "I sympathise with her concern that it would become a place of pilgrimage. The point she made is that she did not wish to be reminded of George's absence.  When we have such a memorial it does tend to have the air of a crematorium.  George's last wish was for peace."  The decision to rename the Red Lion lawn as the George Harrison Garden comes after heated rows over the location of a memorial in the royal regatta town.

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