George's First Guitar Comes Home

Today at the Beatle Story in Liverpool's Albert Dock, George Harrison's first ever guitar went on show to the public.  This coincided with 60th birthday celebrations and the Lord Mayor of Liverpool spoke fondly of George and what he and his fellow band mates mean to the City of Liverpool.  A brass plaque was unveiled by the Lord Mayor to commemorate what would have been George's 60th birthday. 

We are so lucky in Liverpool to have these items at our finger tips so if you are coming to Liverpool please build in some time to go see The Beatle Story Exhibition.  This guitar is just one of many original items now on show and the exhibition is well worth a visit.  Click here to visit their site.





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25 February 2003

Tuesday, 25th February 003

George Harrisonšs first-ever guitar
, now valued at half a million pounds,
has found a new home at The Beatles Story, Albert Dock, Liverpool where it
will be displayed for the first time in the UK from Tuesday, 25th February,
on what would have been Georgešs 60th birthday.

The significance of George’s first guitar cannot be underestimated.
One can Imagine the hopes, dreams & aspirations in young George's heart as
he held and strummed his very own first guitar. Who knows, without it, George may not have
taken up the guitar and The Beatles may have been a very different band from the one we know.

It was sometime in 1955 or 1956 that Georgešs mother gave him Ŗ3 10s to buy
this Egmond guitar.  "This modest little guitar of Georgešs is so beautiful
because it captures the promise of what was to become a legend for millions
of fans all over the world" explains Sandra Quayle, Curator of The Beatles

The private UK collector, who recently purchased the guitar after it had
been exhibited at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio for two
years, was determined to bring the guitar back to its rightful home in

"The Beatles Story is thrilled that the owner chose our museum to display
the guitar for the fans as a tribute to the late George Harrison, particularly
as at the moment, there are no other confirmed plans for tributes in Liverpool.  
We are proud and honoured to comply with his wishes", says Jerry Goldman,
a Director of The Beatles Story.

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