Concert for George

"The 'Concert for George' was the most amazing musical and emotional night I've ever experienced.

The stage of the Albert Hall looked like a great Indian palace, with a twenty foot tall picture of George directly above. Everyone said they could feel his presence in the atmosphere.

George was a great friend and a hero to me, and the evening was a fantastic celebration of his life, and what a line-up! It really was brilliant to be playing with this lot.

I even got to sing one of my favourite George songs, 'The Inner Light'. This was a big honour for me, to sing with Anoushka Shankar playing sitar, and Ravi Shankar conducting!

At the moment we're mixing the second half of the show (the rock & roll part). That might sound simple enough, except for the fact that it was recorded on ninety six tracks!

On 'Wha Wha' there are three drummers, two bass players, seven guitarists, three keyboard players, ten piece string section, two sax players, two percussionists, two female backing singers, with Eric Clapton, Gary Brooker, Andy Fairweather-Low, Paul McCartney, Billy Preston, Dhani Harrison, Tom Petty & me all singing. At the same time! It takes some mixing, I can tell you.

We're going to be working on this for quite some time, with Ryan engineering & Marc occasionally. Marc also played lead & rhythm guitar in the concert. It was a great bunch of guys to work with.

When it's all finished it will be on DVD in surround sound.

Love from Jeff Lynne"

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