Above Us Only Sky
Today, 15 March 2002 Yoko Ono came to Liverpool to unveil a statue of John in the newly renamed "Liverpool John Lennon Airport".  Yoko thought the statue was "beautiful".  On her visit to the city last July she said "I hope that John Lennon Airport will send a big smile to all corners of the world from John. I am sure that he would have loved it.  Liverpool obviously meant an awful lot to him."  It is hoped that Yoko's visit will help boost the city's bid to become Capital of Culture in 2008, a bid that is also highly supported by Macca.

The pictures below were taken today when Yoko visited Mendips to have a look around the house where John spent some of his youth.  Yoko purchased the house and "donated it to the National Trust" and I believe a committee will be formed to decide how to handle the house in the future.  
On behalf of all Beatle fans I would like to take the opportunity here to publicly thank Yoko for buying the house and therefore ensuring that both John's and Beatle history remains in tact in our fair city.  Thanks you Yoko.

All photos taken at Mendips
during Yoko's visit
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Yoko - airport